Plentiful supplies, available where you need them

The Gila River Indian Community has committed to making 30,000 acre-feet of its CAP water available under 100-year leases.

This leased water retains its "indian priority," which means it has a low risk of being affected by shortages on the Colorado River.

In addition to the leased water, the Community has committed to storing at least 2 million acre-feet of Central Arizona Project water underground to create long-term storage credits by 2029.

Over a 100-year period, these credits will yield a renewable water supply of 20,000 acre-feet per year.

Between these two supplies, a total of 5 million acre-feet of renewable supplies are available.

CAP water stored for and managed by Gila River Water Storage has been carefully planned with new municipal and industrial growth in mind.

Credits have been earned in a variety of locations in the Phoenix and Pinal active management areas (AMAs). This allows credits to be available when and where needed.

State law allows stored water to be recovered from outside the area it was stored; in some cases, depending on water level conditions, it may be prudent to do so.

However, having water stored in areas where growth will occur provides confidence that the necessary water supply will be available to meet future demands.

Long-term storage credits have also been stored in areas with access to existing infrastructure for recovery and conveyance.

Maps of the locations where GRWS credits have been stored, along with current credit balances, are available.