Stable, predictable water costs

Most new Arizona water users not receiving water from a designated water provider, such as a municipal entity, have enrolled as members of the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District.

But costs to do so are rising: the price for CAGRD replenishment is $574 per acre-foot and the advisory rate for 2016 is $644, with annual increases expected.

Gila River Water Storage long-term storage credits offer an alternative.

GRWS credits can be purchased in advance to meet assured water supply requirements and lock-in costs.

Even existing CAGRD members can benefit. There are options for using credits from GRWS to offset the cost of CAGRD membership.

Although the option of enrollment in the CAGRD still exists for new growth, there are some limitations.

First, there must be sufficient groundwater supplies to meet projected demand for 100 years. This is not true in all areas of central Arizona.

Second, the CAGRD’s water acquisition plans have been outstripped by the pace of development. As a result, the CAGRD has considered changes which range from enrollment limitations to significant cost increases.

GRWS long-term storage credits from the recharge of CAP water are a renewable water supply that meets the AWS requirements for both water providers seeking an AWS designation and developers seeking a CAWS.

And credits can be recovered from the area they were stored to ensure they are physically available.

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